Welcome to KDMRG website

Welcome everyone,

The Knowledge Discovery & Management website is starting from now!!!
The website has the objetive to show everyone kdrmg's dailiy activities. The website will be divided in four main blocks:


Menu with general information about the group. In this menu It's possible
to find the next information:

About KDMRG: General description about the group.

Staff: List of the group's members.

Contact: Way to contact with the group through It's director.

News: Latest's news about KDMRG.

Events Calendar: Calendar with the most important events in the
KDMRG life.

Seminars: The list of the seminars planned by the group.

Scholarships: Helps that the group is offering to the student

Blogs: Latest's blog posts by the researchers members.

Forum: Access to the KDMRG forum.

Archive: Set of the events, news that had been in the group.

KDMRG Research

Menu with the research contents about the group:

Publications: Books, Conference papers , Technical reports that the
member have done.

Projects: Details of the research projects that the group is

Conferences: Conferences that the group will expose.

Research Grants: Awards and prizes gotten by the group.

Workshops: Information about the new next interesting workshops.

KDMRG Personal

This menu will appear only in authenticated users. This menu provide the
interface enough for the researcher can create his own research content:

Create Publication: Link to create a new publication.

Create Project: Link to create a new project.

Create Conference: Link to add a new conference.

Create Workshop: Link to add the information about a new workshop

Create Scholarship: Link about one new scholarship that the group
will offer.

Create Seminar: Link for creating a new seminar course.

Create Blog entry: General link to create a new blog post.

Create Forum topic: Link to create a new topic in the forum.

My account: Access to change the your account personal's details

My blog : Access to your personal blog

Log out: log out from the system

KDMRG Researchers

Short menu with the personal research contents of the user. From here the
user can control the content that he/she adds.

MyPublications: List with the publications of the

MyProjects: List with the projects that the user is taking.

MyConferences: List with  the conferences that the user

MyGrants: Grants added by the researcher.

MyWorkshops: Worhshop created by the researcher.