EII-MSRA PhD Internships

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EII-Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA)
EII-Microsoft Research Asia
Three to six months
The EII-Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) Internship program aims to foster high achieving second year PhD students who demonstrate the potential to become future research leaders. The internship held in Beijing involves a three to six months project in one of MSRA research areas under the mentorship of a relevant senior researcher. The award includes return airfare, accommodation and living allowance. Internships will commence from February 2009. Interested students are required to submit an application accompanied with letters of recommendation from the Head of School/Department, Head of Research Group, and Primary Supervisor to eii@eii.edu.au. Applications close 30 November 2008. For more information, and the application form, please refer to the documents appended below or email eii@eii.edu.au.
Requirements in http://www.eii.edu.au/fellowships/msra-internships
How to apply: 
How to apply in http://www.eii.edu.au/fellowships/msra-internships