Knowledgeable systems development: the case of using theory for communication support systems

18/02/2010 - 16:00
18/02/2010 - 17:00
Seminar Topic: 
Knowledge Management Research Group Seminar, School of Information Technologies
Dov Te'eni
Tel-Aviv University
I have two messages in this talk. First, I present some guidelines for developing communication support systems that are derived from theories of communication, which model how users adapt their communication behavior in the face of communication complexity. For instance, systems should support the user’s choice of communicating more or less contextual information but the system should discourage unnecessary messages even when users are tempted to over contextualize. Secondly, I claim that this case highlights the broader phenomenon of shallow systems analysis, i.e., the lack of theory to guide the modeling of behavior. And lack of theory in systems development, paradoxically, makes the relatively complex systems-analysis methods even less attractive.
Speaker's biography: 
Dov Te'eni holds the Mexico Chair of Information Systems at Tel Aviv University. For over twenty years, Dov has studied how computers support people at work, with a special emphasis on people making decisions, communicating and sharing knowledge, and interacting with computers. He also has a soft spot for IS in non-for-profit organizations. His research usually combines model building, laboratory experiments and development of prototypes like Spider and kMail. Integrative papers on this work appear in Organization Science (supporting distributed cognition) and MIS Quarterly (supporting communication), for which he won best paper award. Dov co-authored with Jane Carey and Ping Zhang the first textbook IS Human-computer interaction for developing effective organizational systems (published by Wiley, 2007). He has published over 100 academic papers with over 70 colleagues. And, Dov just completed his first academic novel – Let's Congress. Professor Te’eni has served as Senior Editor for MIS Quarterly, is associate editor for Journal of AIS, Information and Organizations, European Journal of IS, and Internet Research, and has recently become senior editor for the AIS Transactions of HCI. He has served ICIS as conference co-chair, program track co-chair, doctoral consortium co-chair, junior faculty consortium member and more. He was awarded AIS Fellowship in 2008.
The University of Sydney, School of IT Building
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Lecture Theatre (Room 123), Level 1