KDMRG Seminar By: Dr. Alan Hartman (IBM Senior Researcher)

Dr. Alan Hartman (Senior Researcher, IBM Research, India) will present his recent paper titled "Participatory Service Design for Public Sector Services" in KDMRG meeting on 20th August. ---------- Abstract: This paper describes a methodology for the participatory design of services in the public sector. The stakeholders participating in the design include three major players, the public which uses the service, the government body which sponsors and finances the service, and the organization (government or third party) that delivers the service. We propose a method for a) gathering the – possibly conflicting – requirements for a service from the three stakeholders, b) representing the design alternatives and their levels of requirement satisfaction, and c) generating a simulation model of the service delivery process for the different design alternatives. The method is illustrated by a practical example based on a real government service. ----------------- Bio: Alan Hartman is currently the Services Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME) focal point for the IBM India Research Laboratory. He moved to Bangalore in July 2008. He is involved in research related to service design, service simulation and service quality. He is also responsible for the India Research Laboratory's involvement in European FP7 projects, and plays a liaison role between the IBM Research Division and the Global Business Solutions Center located in Bangalore. After a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Waterloo in Canada, Alan joined the IBM Haifa Research Lab in 1983. Since then, his research has focused on storage technologies, mathematical optimization, hardware and software verification, and model based software, systems, and services engineering. He served as the manager of the algorithms and optimization team, creating advanced tools for the solution of industrial problems and communications network design. He has also managed the model-driven engineering technologies group focused on creating tools and methodologies for model based software and systems engineering. He has held visiting positions in the Mathematics Department at the University of Toronto and at Telstra Research Labs. He has also coordinated and managed several European Commission research projects.