The Service Science Forum, Sydney 2010

Service Science Forum was held on 4th November 2010 in Sydney. It was co-sponsored by The University of Sydney, IBM, CSIRO and Service Science Society. The people from other universities, research organizations both from industry and the government participated in the conference. The outputs of the SSME Learning and Teaching Project, leaded by Prof. Joseph Davis , was presented in this forum as well as other service related presentations: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Prof. Kris Singh, President SRII & IBM Service Research , Title: “Service Innovation – Dawn of a New Era” --------------- - Prof. Joseph Davis, The University of Sydney AND - Prof Fethi Rabhi, University of New South Wales , Title: “SSME Learning and Teaching Project, Funded by ALTC” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Prof. Aditya Ghose, The University of Wollongong, Title: “Modeling and analysis through a service centric lens” --------- - Andrea Stern, The University of Sydney, Title: “Value creation through service relations in the web of services”--------- - Dr. Athman Bouguettaya, Service Science Society, Title: “Building Momentum for a Service Science Agenda”------------- - David Boyes, General Manager Westpac NZ, Title: “Simplification at Westpac” -------------------------------------------------- - David Putt, General Manager RTA, Title: “Innovation in Services at the RTA”------------------------------------------------------ - Alan Dormer, CSIRO, Title: “Optimizing Customer Service”------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- - Panel Session : Moderator: Jay Hannon , IBM ------ Panel Members: Kris Singh , IBM / SRII – David Boyes , GM, Westpac – David Putt , GM, RTA , Title: “Opportunities for Collaboration to boost service innovation by Industry and Government” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Steve Bond, General Manager IBM Title: “Final Comments & Close”