Adding Context to Social Tagging Systems

Conference Paper
JooHee Song
Ying Zhou
Hyungsoo Jung AND Joseph Davis
2010, December
Published in: 
Proceedings of 21st Australasian Conference on Information Systems
Many of the features of Web 2.0 encourage users to actively interact with each other. Social tagging systems represent one of the good examples that reflect this trend on the Web. The primary purpose of social tagging systems is to facilitate shared access to resources. Our focus in this paper is on the attempts to overcome some of the limitations in social tagging systems such as the flat structure of folksonomies and the absence of semantics in terms of information retrieval. We propose and develop an integrated approach, social tagging systems with directory facility, which can overcome the limitations of both traditional taxonomies and folksonomies. Our preliminary experiments indicate that this approach is promising and that the context provided by the directory facility improves the precision of information retrieval. As well, our synonym detection algorithm is capable of finding synonyms in social tagging systems without any external inputs.