The effect of shared knowledge on project team performance

Main Researchers: 
Maan Aljawder
Research Areas: 
Knowledge Management
Research Areas: 
Knowledge Sharing and Content Management Systems
My research aims to examine some factors at the team members’ level and explaining their relationship to the effective performance of their teams. The research will also attempt to study the effects of shared knowledge within teams on the performance of their projects. Instruments will be developed or adapted from literature to measure shared knowledge (team-related and task-related) and indicators of project effectiveness will be obtained from records (such as budget overrun, meeting deadlines and quality control reports). The relationships between the constructs/components of shared knowledge and project performance will be studied through appropriate analysis methods. A final aim is to extend the study to include the influence of information and communication technologies (ICT) use (as a mediating factor) on the relationship between shared knowledge and performance in face-to-face and virtual teams.