Modelling and Empirical Analysis of Service Interaction Networks

Main Researchers: 
Leila Zamani
Research Areas: 
Knowledge Management
Research Areas: 
IT-Centric Services
Research Areas: 
Social networks
The analysis and modelling of internal interactions of service provider agents and external interactions with service customers are essential to the design of effective and efficient service systems. This research focuses on service interaction networks in the context of the design and delivery of complex, IT-centric services. More specifically, it develops a framework of service interaction network effectiveness and a theoretical model to show how the certain structural properties of the networks impact the effectiveness of the system. This research considers system effectiveness from both provide and customer sides. In order to investigate the validity of the proposed model and examine a number of specific hypotheses, I test it with real world data. The data are acquired from which is the world’s largest OSS development website. I found that network centrality and network density may have negative impacts on service systems effectiveness; however the level of service system effectiveness can be improved by increasing the size of the networks. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed through the research.