The Impact of IT-Business Alignment to the Occurrence of Unintended Consequences in Healthcare Organization

Main Researchers: 
Perdana Rahadhan
Research Areas: 
Health Informatics
Research Areas: 
Knowledge Management
This research aims to observe the alignment of Business Strategic, Business Structure with IT Strategic and IT Structure of the Healthcare organization affect the System Quality, Information Quality and Service Quality than extended to how those factors have relationship with the occurrence of unintended consequences of IT in Healthcare, such as: workflow issues, change communication patterns, etc. The prominent research's objective is to develop empirical model which describes the relationships among those factors to the occurrence of unintended consequences in healthcare organization. This research will combine two existing models, which are: IT-Business Alignment Model (Bergeron et al 2004) and IT/IS Success Model (De Lone and McLean 2004) to establish a model of unintended consequences of IT in healthcare.