KDMRG Seminar By: Dr Charles Petrie (Senior Research Scientist, Stanford University)

Dr Charles Petrie (Senior Research Scientist, Stanford CS Logic Group, Stanford University) will have several presentations in KDMRG group from 11th July till 15th July. The titles for his presentations are available in KDMRG website Events Calendar. ----- Bio: Charles Petrie is a Senior Research Scientist working in the Stanford CS Logic Group. His research topics are concurrent engineering, enterprise management, and collective work. Dr Petrie was a Founding Member of Technical Staff of the MCC AI Lab, Founding Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Internet Computing, and Founding Executive Director of the Stanford Networking Research Center. He is the Founding Chair of the Semantic Web Services Challenge. He has also been a Consulting Assistant Professor with the Stanford Center for Design Research. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin. A more complete biography is available at http://www-cdr.stanford.edu/%7Epetrie/bio.html.