An Active Negotiation Model for Service Selection in Web Service Composition

Technical Report
Mahboobeh Moghaddam
2011, September
Published in: 
Proceedings of the PhD Symposium at the 9th IEEE European Conference on Web Services
Published in: 
University Halle-Wittenberg, Institute of Computer Science, Halle, Germany
Web service composition (WSC) offers a range of solutions for rapid creation of complex applications in advanced service-oriented systems by facilitating the composition of already existing concrete web services. One of the critical challenges is the dynamic selection of concrete services to be bound to the abstract composite service. In our research, we identify and elaborate on the challenges involved in developing an automated negotiation solution for service selection. We propose an active negotiation model in order to more effectively benefit from the dynamic environment created by negotiation, through an active coordinator. The active coordinator prioritizes the atomic services based on a calibration of the risk of not achieving an agreement in negotiation, and starts the negotiation in ascending order of risk. This strategy enables the coordinator to effectively utilize the negotiation result of lower risk services to improve the negotiation of those associated with higher risk and thus achieves higher rate of negotiation success for the composite service.