Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Conference Paper
Pramartha, C.R.A.
2014, October
Published in: 
2014 Research Conversazione
Published in: 
The University of Sydney
Balinese culture is facing the problem of cultural heritage extinction or depletion as a result of socio-political unrest, migrations, natural disasters, mismanagement, excessive multinational developments, and mass tourism. Furthermore, the poor documentation of the largely tacit and fragmented of cultural knowledge also accelerates the loss of the richness of the knowledge. Therefore, the availability of online multimedia system based on community-based crowdsourcing can help systematically capture, store and preserve the richness of cultural heritage knowledge. This study will focus on the development of an online multimedia (audio, images, and text) prototype system for capturing, annotating and storing in depth information for a selected category of unique and distinct Balinese culture artefacts (Balinese kulkul).