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Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage: An Ontology-Based Approach2017, December Conference Paper
Pramartha, Cokorda
Davis, Joseph G.
Kuan, Kevin K.Y.
Utilising Semantically Rich Big Data to Enhance Book Recommendation Engines2016, December Conference Paper
Mclean, Natalia
Davis, Joseph
Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Balinese Kulkul Artefact and Practices2016, October Book Chapter
Pramartha, Cokorda
Davis, Joseph G.
A Semantic Similarity Measure for Linked Data: An Information Content-Based Approach2016, October Journal Paper
R. Meymandpour
J. Davis
The Role of Review Arousal in Online Reviews: Insights from EEG Data2016, June Conference Paper
Kuan, K.
Smith, J.
Liu, N.
Value-inspired service design in elderly home-monitoring systems2016, March Conference Paper
Liu, N.
Purao, S.
Tan, H.
An Ethnographic Study of the Enactment of Service Level Agreements in Complex IT-intensive Business-to-Business Services2015, May Thesis
Andrea Lee Stern
A Contingent Approach for Project Management and Organisation: An Empirical Analysis2015, May Thesis
Maan Aljawder
Semantic Analysis Using Linked Open Data: An Information Content-Based Approach2015, May Thesis
Rouzbeh Meymandpour
Augmenting the Performance of Image Similarity Search through Crowdsourcing2015, May Thesis
Bahareh Rahmanian
An Ethnographic Study of SLA Enactment2015, March Conference Paper
Stern, Andrea
Davis, Joseph
Enhancing Recommender Systems Using Linked Open Data-Based Semantic Analysis of Items2015, January Conference Paper
R. Meymandpour
J. Davis
The Proceedings of the 3rd Australasian Web Conference (AWC)2015, January Book
J. Davis
Alessandro Bozzon
What Makes a Review Voted? An Empirical Investigation of Review Voting in Online Review Systems2015, January Journal Paper
Kevin K.Y. Kuan
Pattarawan Prasarnphanich
Kai-Lung Hui and Hok-Yin Lai
Informational and Normative Social Influence in Group-Buying: Evidence from Self-Reported and EEG Data2014, December Journal Paper
Kevin K. Y. Kuan
Yingqin Zhong
Patrick Y. K. Chau
Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage2014, October Conference Paper
Pramartha, C.R.A.
Service Research and Innovation2014, June Book
Joseph G. Davis
Haluk Demirkan
Hamid R. Motahari-Nezhad
The Compsition Approach Non-QWERTY Keyboard for Balinese Script2014, June Conference Paper
Pramartha, C.R.A.
Dwidasmara, I.B.G.
User Interface Design for Crowdsourcing Systems2014, May Conference Paper
B. Rahmanian
J. Davis
Crowdsourcing, Cognitive Load, and User Interface Design2013, December Conference Paper
B. Rahmanian
J. Davis