KDMRG Publications

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Knowledge Sharing and Management in Large Global Firms1998, December Conference Paper
J. Davis
A Case Study of Multimedia Architecture Design: Workflow and Version Control for Regeneration of Multimedia Systems.2000, January Conference Paper
J. Patrick
E. Balnaves
T. Kam
A Colour-filling Approach for Visualising Trait Evolution with Phylogenies2004, January Book Chapter
S. Carrizo
A Combinatorial Auction Model for Composite Service Selection Based on Preferences and Constraints2013, July Conference Paper
M. Moggaddam
J. Davis
T. Viglas
A Contingent Approach for Project Management and Organisation: An Empirical Analysis2015, May Thesis
Maan Aljawder
A Contingent Model of Project Organization and Management2013, August Conference Paper
Aljawder, M.
J. Davis
A model of bug dynamics for open source software.2008, July Conference Paper
F. Zou
J. Davis
A Novel Metric for Linked Data Analysis: A Case Study on Predicting the US Presidential Election Results!2012, November Conference Paper
R. Meymandpour
A Self-Organizing Search Engine for RSS Syndicated Web Content2006, April Conference Paper
Y. Zhou
X. Chen
C. Wang
A Semantic Similarity Measure for Linked Data: An Information Content-Based Approach2016, October Journal Paper
R. Meymandpour
J. Davis
A Service View of Information Technology: Taxonomy of IT Services2003, January Conference Paper
A. Stern
J. Davis
A Simple and Efficient Algorithm for Hypercycle Detection in B-Graphs2003, January Conference Paper
S. Chawla
G. Pandey
A support vector machine approach to software validation.2006, March Conference Paper
F. Zou
J. Davis
A System for Developing Customer-oriented Internet Business: eBizBench2002, August Conference Paper
C. Lee
B. Choi
H. Lee
A Taxonomy of Information Technology Services: Web Services as IT Services2003, December Conference Paper
A. Stern
J. Davis
A Web-based Self-administered Medical History2004, January Conference Paper
V. Gledhil,
Accumulation of Knowledge Capital: Analysis Using Data Mining and Statistical Techniques.2005, January Journal Paper
S. Chawla
J. Davis
S. Poon
Actor Centrality Correlates to Project based Coordination2006, November Conference Paper
Chung, K. S. K.
Hossain, L.
Wu, A.
Adding Context to Social Tagging Systems2010, December Conference Paper
JooHee Song
Ying Zhou
Hyungsoo Jung AND Joseph Davis
Aligning Ontologies and Evaluating Concept Similarities2004, October Book Chapter
K. de Souza
J. Davis